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Balancing Your Life

Today’s demands frequently exceed our stress level endurance. Balancing Your Life is a stress management program that helps you manage and reduce your reaction to stress. You will learn how to rethink your “to do” list and start to put value on your time, energy and self.

Identify your stressors and learn techniques to release tension and reduce anxiety. click here for course content


Care Giving

The challenges of long-term health care can leave you, the caregiver feeling overwhelmed and neglected.  Stress and anxiety are the by-products of this physical and emotional exhaustion.   Learn how to cope with the stress of care-giving by changing your thought patterns and behaviors. Understanding and sharing your concerns with other caregivers can restore joy and focus in your life.

Learn how to care for yourself while actively caring for others. click here for course content


Conquering Clutter

Conquering Clutter is a self-management course for compulsive savers. The course covers the emotional and physical effects of clutter and how to control your belongings, time, and space. The course provides ideas, tools and techniques that can be used effectively in both the home and office.

Control the compulsive saving that threatens your relationships, health, and safety. click here for course content


Grief and Loss

Grief is a multi-faceted response to loss. Although grief is usually associated with the emotional response to loss, it also produces physical, cognitive, behavioral, social and philosophical reactions. Grief, while common at the death of a loved one, can also occur at the loss of employment, a pet, our social status or our independence.

click here for course content


Marriage in the Balance

Marriage in the Balance explores the effect tension and stress has on your marriage, relationships and health.  The course is offered to married, singles, premarital couples, and cohabitating couples. Marriage in the Balance provides practical tools to deal with every day stressors that disrupt relationships and family unity.

Learn how to create a more stable, compassionate union with your loved one. click here for course content


Seniors and Self Reliance 

Seniors and Self Reliance is a unique combination of practical advice and resources for the post fifty-five age group. The course examines personal, family and community issues that impact the welfare of seniors.

Obtain practical advice and available resources to help navigate your later years of life. click here for course content

substance abuse

Substance Abuse

The course Substance Use and Abuse will clarify questions about addictive behavior and how to recognize the warning signs of addiction.

This course encourages conversation in a trusting, respectful environment.

It will serve as a guide to understanding and overcoming substance use. click here for course content


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